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At Insuremed, we believe passionately in the value of Gap Cover as a complimentary benefit to members of a Medical Scheme. More and more members are realising (and demanding);the need for and benefit of having Gap Cover, in addition to their Medical Scheme benefit in order to manage out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Insuremed Adminstrators (Pty) Ltd is a specialist Underwriting Manager, which has as its core business the sourcing/administering and servicing of Gap Cover products.
Through our associated partners, we have access to providers of Gap Cover, a dedicated campaign management and distribution capability and administration services for customised Gap Cover solutions.

Insuremed was founded in 2012 and with Western National Insurance Company as underwriter, have been serving a national base of clients with medical shortfall and co-payment cover.
The company structure has been established to ensure efficient new business processing, underwriting and claims administration in a manner which complements the simplistic nature of the product.

GapCover® is the registered trademark of the short term insurance product which, with CoPay Cover, is managed by Insuremed Administrators (Pty) Ltd as binder holder and underwriting manager.

Our entire business is focused on operational efficiency, with the primary objective being; Easy access and convenience; from a customer experience point of view. This is key to ensure the product and offering is appropriately priced, structured and serviced in order to complement the medical scheme benefit of the client as an enhancement to his/her health portfolio.

As part of its mandate, Insuremed also procures and manages relevant distribution capabilities for the GapCover® product. This includes digital, direct and face-to-face distribution of GapCover® in both Retail as well as Employer Group markets.