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Cover the co-pay too!

Posted by GapCover Blogger on 2/9/2016
Cover the CoPay TooYou've heard about gap cover, but you also need to know about co-pay cover and the importance of such a policy is when it comes to your health cover needs.

Your medical scheme can impose an excess amount which they specify for in- and out-of-hospital procedures. That includes certain scopes, specialised radiology, MRIs, ultrasound scans, etc.

GapCover® only covers the shortfalls that occur between what the doctor charges and what your medical scheme tariff is - during in-hospital procedures. So the co-payments charged by your medical scheme itself needs to be covered by a separate policy; CoPay Cover. Otherwise these co-payments are for your own account.

Just think about it - you might have been suffering from some abdominal pain, nausea or difficulty swallowing and your doctor needs you to undergo a gastroscopy to evaluate those symptoms. Your medical scheme's co-payment can be up to R3 550! You would however be able to claim that full amount as policy holder of CoPay Cover.

The benefits are applicable to the principle member, his or her spouse or life partner and their children - as long as they are members of a registered medical scheme.

Just don't get confused with co-payments and penalties charged by your medical scheme. It is always wise to have your medical scheme broker help you to follow your medical scheme rules and also to advise you to what the co-payments of certain procedures are imposed. 

GapCover® and CoPay Cover can be taken out as one combined policy at a special rate. As with all short term insurance products, there are some underwriting and exclusions linked to the policy.

Visit www.gapcover.co.za for more information and/or to easily purchase the policy via the online platform.

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