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Mind that gap – it could cost you

Posted by GapCover Blogger on 2/15/2016
Mind The GapWhen talking to your colleagues or friends who had in- hospital treatment recently, you might hear that having medical scheme cover does not mean you are not going to have extra medical expenses to pay out of your own pocket...

Fact is: In the South African healthcare sector the fees charged by medical service providers are mostly unregulated and increasing. This often creates a shortfall between what the medical scheme pays and the actual cost of a procedure or treatment.

Because the private service provider is entitled to charge more than the medical scheme rate, the shortfall becomes the members' responsibility, creating a need for additional cover for these circumstances. The short-term insurance product GapCover® addresses this need, giving medical scheme members access to complementary health insurance products to cover the gap which is created between the ever-increasing costs of medical service providers and the set rates which the medical scheme will pay.

Members of medical schemes experience an increasing pressure on affordability of health benefits and as a result, they are looking for more cost-effective alternatives and solutions to address their healthcare needs. In fact, the already high demand in the market for gap cover products indicates changes in consumer behaviour. They want customised health solutions that consist of a combination of affordable medical scheme benefits as well as complementary health assurance products.

Despite the demand for gap cover in the market, one of the key challenges remains medical scheme members’ access to these products. Your medical scheme broker might be of assistance, or you can get all info you need and purchase your policy on GapCover's online platform.

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