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GapCover ‘a sound investment’

Posted by GapCover Blogger on 2/19/2016
GapCover The Investment "Thank goodness I have GapCover!"

This was one of the first responses Koos Kruger, provincial manager of a leading national parastatal, had when his wife suddenly took ill and the medical bills started piling up.

Koos' wife had a severe and unexpected relapse while recovering from a previous back injury and discectomy procedure she had three years ago.

She experienced excruciating pain and emergency surgery was required,” he explained. “The medical expenses were huge, a big chunk of it for my own account as my medical aid only covers specialist fees of up to 300% of the set tariff.

Both the neuro surgeon and the anaesthetist charged way more than what the medical scheme provided for and Koos was responsible for the additional payment (a shortfall that amounted to about R28 000). His medical scheme also had a set co-payment of R10 000 for hospitalisation.

Koos took up a GapCover policy in 2013 and thanks to this, the extra medical expenses were paid back to him without any problem or delay.

Today, Koos recommends GapCover to all his colleagues, family and friends. "One never knows what can happen to you or your loved ones. Even though we belong to a medical scheme, it is a fact that they will not pay all the medical expenses when hospitalised and in need of specialist healthcare. GapCover is absolutely worth the investment."

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