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GapCover® is a short term insurance product for members of a medical scheme, providing extra cover for medical shortfalls that could occur during in-hospital procedures.

Your medical scheme option might provide you with cover of 100%, 150% or 200% of the medical scheme tariff, but medical service providers can charge up to 500% of that tariff, creating a shortfall amount which would be an out of pocket expense for you.

If you are a policy holder of GapCover®, the difference between what your medical scheme would pay and the actual cost of the doctor’s private rate could be covered up to 500%.

Why should you get GapCover

  • It’s an affordable and easily accessible way to avoid medical shortfall amounts which often occur during in-hospital procedures.

Who qualifies for GapCover

  • The policy covers the principal member, spouse or life partner and biological or legally adopted children that are registered as such on the principal member or spouse's medical scheme certificate.
  • Dependants must be registered on the policy as well to enjoy cover.

How and when will GapCover apply?

  • GapCover® is for associated services rendered in a hospital, unattached operating theatre or day-clinic. Gastroscopies and Colonoscopies performed in the GP or Specialist’s rooms are covered up to 500% of the Medical Scheme Tariff, limited to 2 scopes per beneficiary per annum.
  • A successful GapCover claim will be paid directly to the principal member of a registered medical scheme.
  • The claim will be paid if no underwriting applies and if the client is not subject to exclusions as per the policy contract
  • When becoming a GapCover® policy holder, the client must familiarise themselves with their schemes’ limitations and exclusions, as GapCover cannot cover costs that occur due to your medical scheme’s excluded benefits. (i.e. if your medical scheme does not pay for a procedure, then GapCover cannot grant benefits.)

What does it cost?

  • GapCover® is available at only R171 per family, per month
  • Or, get GapCover® and CoPay combined at only R230 per family, per month
  • (if you’re part of an employer group, click HERE)

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